Self Storage / Commercial

Similar to its residential division, Condev Commercial draws on its experience to leverage longterm relationships with landowners, local government leaders as well as state agencies to identify and acquire well located vacant land parcels for commercial development.  Once land is contracted and/or acquired, Condev invests the resources (financial and personnel) necessary to obtain the required permits and approvals to make a project development ready. 


self storage / development

Condev is an active developer of self storage facilities throughout Florida.  With projects from Melbourne to Sarasota, Condev draws on its vast experience to determine the best locations for these new developments.


self storage / existing

With a strong background in land development and construction, Condev is able to identify those facilities to which Condev can add value.  These properties are typically in the path of progress.


commercial land / Other

In addition to the acquisition of existing structures, Condev will often acquire land in the path of progress.  This allows Condev the patience to develop the property at the optimum time and for the best use.

For a list of past commercial properties, please Click Here.